Always a Home

Dean Skalla lived on Beaver Mesa as a little boy over three summers in the 1940s. His father, Tony, was a logger at the time and their family lived in this little cabin on the mesa during those summers. Other families also lived on the land.

Dean went on to live in several other places but always held this little piece of land in his heart. Years later, in 1999, Dean and wife Judy came back and purchased it, along with the surrounding area. The land is now used for cattle grazing, hunting operations, and family recreation.

Remnants and traces of past inhabitants of the land remain today. Old chimney towers mark places of past homesteads and arrowheads mark old hunting grounds. An irrigation ditch carved out several score ago still caries the life-giving water from the mountains to the mesa.

The Great American Ranch offers an exciting and vivid outdoor experience in the mountains of Colorado.